“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.”


Investing in the marketing is crucial to the success of Global Net Travels. The following strategies will be formulated and implemented for the success of our Agency.

Content Marketing:

Global Net will create and distribute valuable and consistent contents to attract and retain target audience, driving sustainable growth in visitors, leads, and customers.

Email marketing:

is the foundation stone of our marketing strategy. Most of the visitors who come to our travel agency for the first time, will not make an immediate purchase. But we subscribe the person to our email list, so that we have the ability to display our authority and credibility by providing valuable content to them via email, encouraging them to buy our travel products. As for our existing guests, they are also inspired to become our regular customers by the weekly and daily time-sensitive updates on our product information. For instance, we may get them informed when we are offering an attractive deal.

Google Paid Search:

The potential marketing strategy is to utilize Google paid search to get Global Net known to the World where there are thousands of searches every second.

Dropping of Business Cards:

Business cards will be dropped with the new acquaintances, at the restaurants, in the libraries , in the malls and other public places.

Exhibitions and Fairs:

Professional events offer a great chance to meet new people, share our travel products, and build our brand awareness. They have a greater impact when we speak at them.


The latest techniques of digital marketing will be applied to promote our business, like Face book, Instagram, Twitter etc.

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